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We ain't got no little customers!

I apologize if I'd induced vomit with my butchering of the English language. 
You see, I'm a little emotional as I randomly select the movie suggestion for today's blog.
My friend Trisha is not only goo goo over the romantic comedy Serendipity but, in single digit working days, she will be leaving the position which affords me the pleasure of working with her each week.
Once upon a time there lived a young entrepreneur with big packaging ideas.  Sheereen searched the whole world for the box of her dreams.  For three months I tried to be of service and win her business.  Much to my surprise, I finished in 2nd place. I'd been beaten by a company outside the United States. 
Knowing I worked with disproportionate vigor to win a very small order, I was stunned that another company would be able or willing to beat my offer.   
Rather than merely express sincere thanks for the opportunity, I asked Shereen if she'd be willing to introduce me to the company that had outdone mine. I wondered if this competitor and I could find ways to partner together in the future.
The introduction proved to be serendipitous (there you go Trisha!)
But wait!  Here comes more fate.
This new partner actually helped me to significantly reduce costs for one of my largest clients.  It is the very same client that employs Trisha until March 11, 2017.
Had I allowed myself to walk away from a "small" customer and a "tiny" opportunity, this profitable partnership would never have drawn a single breath.
In 2016 Specialty Box shows 37 clients with annual spending of less than $100.00, but we do not have a single small customer. 
Our clients are not the revenues that they generate. Rather, each customer (and non customer and vendor and team member for that matter) has immense intrinsic value because, quite simply, the person is.
I'll close with a note to the friend who serendipitously inspired today's blog (and I will reiterate that her movie selection was randomly chosen from 42 other possibilities).
Trisha, we love you and we will miss you.

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