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Our candy bars are bigger than yours!

My bride Jennie (of course playing the Mummy in today's performance) loves Halloween above all other days.

She insists on being the home known for handing out the largest treats. The only thing bite sized at our house will be the marks on the neck of my wife (yes, I'm playing the vampire).

Before we move on to eating Burger King (an annual splurge reserved for the 31st of October) and watching creepy movies, please receive your TRICK by clicking, IF YOU DARE, right HERE.

Allow me to introduce the cast in order of appearance:

Dracula: Eric (that's me)

The Mummy: Jennie (Piper's mom)

The Witch: Piper (my four year old daughter)Frankenstein’s Monster: Nate (my 17 year old son)

The Werewolf: Luke (my 16 year old son)

Happy Haunting!

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