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NYS Bans Plastic Bags for Retail

A little while back we sent you an FAQ about the NYS plastic bag ban which goes into effect on 3/1/2020. Recently, NYS released additional information that answered many of the questions that we had remaining even after reading the legislation. It turns out that NYS has a pretty aggressive ban in mind that restricts film plastic bags of all kinds, regardless of the thickness. Restaurants are exempted from the ban. There are specific uses that are also exempted. Make sure to check our our original article if you haven’t already. If you don’t fall under one of those exemptions, it may be time to prepare for a switch to paper (which maybe be subject to a 5¢ tax depending on county) or fabric (plastic fabrics are allowed).

Please give us a call at 518-465-7344 to discuss your options and to make sure you’re prepared for the March 1 deadline.

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