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I'm ruining romance! :(

Can you believe that I almost confused "No Shave November" for "No Blog November"?  It's 4:15pm on November 30 and I've only just peeked at my improv list to see what I'm required to write before the clock strikes twelve.

I'm oh so grateful that my Alaskan friend Sharon from Northern Delights Candy made this month's blog very easy.

She asks that I connect Outlander (described by Sharon as "the BEST love story ever written") to the life of Specialty Box & Packaging.

Oh how I've yearned to write a blog that is inundated with with time-travel and romance!  Um..and I'm afraid these longings will continue into next month...

An outlander is, quite simply, a foreigner and now that the pre-Black Friday packaging rush has passed we are reminding our customers to prepare for the most difficult to understand of the world's non-American holiday celebrations.

Every year in Asia, the celebration of Chinese New Year causes three week factory shutdowns.

Anybody else want a three week shut down? =)  Please yes!!!  

The shut downs of factories and shipping companies and ports cause already long lead times become much longer.

If you rely upon packaging products made in Asia then it is important to wrap up orders as soon as possible.

Orders for imported goods received by December 15 will likely be produced and shipped before the shutdown. The estimated time of arrival to the United States will be on/around the first week of March.

On the other hand, orders received after December 15 will have an ETA to the United States of on/around the second or third week in April.

Now that we've covered this I've gotta run so that I can ready my razor for a midnight rendezvous.

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