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I'd like to give you $20.17

A big smile comes over me as I reach into my random suggestion hat and pull out the classic TV show Happy Days (Thank you to Heather from allinthepresent.com for giving inspiration to today's blog).

I shake my head, roll my eyes and laugh at myself as I remember little Eric (born 48 years ago TODAY- yep, it's my birthday) wishing that he could be as cool as "The Fonz!"

This week I'll be living out my own version of Happy Days that has nothing to do with my birthday celebration.Earlier this year my eighteen year old son Nate (pictured with The Fonz) made his old man weep instantly and uncontrollably (I'm such a mush) by mentioning he'd been named class valedictorian.

After receiving a full ride to the University of Michigan's honors college, I didn't think he could make me prouder. I was wrong.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I've just become that dad that gratuitously brags on his kid. I don't do it often but he deserves it. I hope I'm not too annoying. Still, there's something in it for you if you simply manage to reach the blog's conclusion.

I expect my happiest day will come on Friday, June 2 when my mother and father from Albany, NY and my brother, niece and nephews from Orlando, FL squeeze together with my family at Western Michigan University to hear my first born son deliver a four minute graduation speech.

40 years ago today I wanted to be The Fonz! Today, all I want to be is the dad of my children! Wow. I am cool after all.

In honor of Nate graduating at the top of his 2017 class and as a small token of thanks to each of you that has helped me to help him along the way, I offer the following gift:Please respond to this email with your best Fonz impression ("Ayyyyyyyyy!!!!") and you'll receive a one time $20.17 discount on any order over $50.00.

Uh oh! I just realized that when Piper graduates as valedictorian I'll be giving away a whopping $20.30. Gulp!

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