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Do you wanna Wanka?

Thanks to my friend Janet's suggestion, I'm forced to connect Specialty Box and the world of spectacular packaging with Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

Could it be the fact that Specialty Box has a catalog section exclusively dedicated to the world of candy makers?

Sure. Here endeth my shortest blog ever! =)

Could it be our exclusive "You Dream It, We Design It" program which, at no charge, brings to life the packaging dreams from your world of Pure Imagination?

That's a good one!  While the graphic design work is always free, the program also almost always includes free printing plates and, in many cases, free freight too!

Could it be that my commitment to speedy service (which has my derriere, for hours at a time, planted in an office chair) leaves me open to the risk of blowing up to epic blueberry proportions like Violet Beauregard?

I'm afraid that this is not out of the question.

Or could it be the hard work, the trustworthy character, and the sage wisdom offered by the Oompa Loompas?

As a means of introducing our newest team member, I'm going to say yes and hope that it doesn't get me in trouble (you see, I did not request permission before taking artistic liberties with his personal photo which accompanies today's blog).I know that it may be cliché for a company's president to reference its crew as family.  Still, I'm actually hopeful that our team members, in moments where I'm not listening, would echo this sentiment.

The new guy Shawn Koch has no choice.  I'm married to his older sister =)I owe an ironic debt of gratitude to Shawn whose body type (6'5" and lean) is the exact opposite of mine.  To this day I often don the hand me up Animal (character from the Muppets) t-shirts I'd inherited shortly after Jennie and I began dating.

This debt isn't why Shawn is now kicking tail as the Specialty Box Office Ninja!

For many it would be impossible to effectively run a small business that is 733 miles away from home.  Any hope of success would require a team that could be trusted implicitly.I'm blessed to have a team of full time co-laborers (Daphne Playotes, Ray Wagar, Tim Hodge and, now, Shawn Koch) that I do trust with Specialty Box and that I would easily trust with my own children.I'm blessed to have this family!

Please, if you would, take a moment and welcome Shawn by sending him a message at [email protected].

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