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2 answers = 6 cookies!

This is no joke!  The first  30 people to reply with 2 answers will get 6 ridiculously yummy cookies***

***DISCLAIMER: Team members of Specialty Box and other friends and family already having received ridiculously yummy cookies from Specialty Box are not eligible to receive additional yummy cookies from Specialty Box (but are still invited to reply with answers to the questions outlined in the blog below).
Question #1
Over two years ago I decided that this monthly message would rely upon audience participation.  It's been over two years since I last asked and it is time for some new material!
Would you please send a reply containing the title of a favorite book, movie or television show?
I will make a list of every response and each month I will randomly select one of the entries and do my absolute darnedest to write a blog connecting the randomly chosen title to Specialty Box and the world of retail packaging.
Question #2
It's been an abnormally stressful two weeks for yours truly (it still is rather stressful) and I was greatly helped by a friend who works with one of my valued suppliers.  
I call my supplier to discuss one taxing matter, Mike answers and I politely ask  "Hi Mike, is Johnny there?
"Mike then gives me a gift.  Rather than robotically transferring my call he asks me a sincere question, "Eric, how was your Thanksgiving?
"We proceed to have a short but substantial conversation about what made each of our Thanksgivings matter.
I thank him for caring and tell him that his inquiry is a much-needed kick in the tail. 
 Yes, work needs to be done.  Yes, problems that really suck need to get solved.  But shouldn't the things we do day in and day out ultimately be about connecting with people?  I believe they should and, for a moment, I forgot that.
So, inspired by my friend Mike, I ask question #2.  I invite you to answer as honestly as you wish.
How are you?
It's an everyday throw away question that triggers one syllable answers.  Please know that I'm sincerely interested in any authentic response.  I'll read every word of every reply (my mom will surely take full advantage and write a novel) and I promise you'll hear back from me.
And, in case this sort of thing matters to you, I am the praying type.  As such, your answer could result in my chatting, on your behalf, with the Big Bag Maker in the Sky =).
Oh, and did I mention that 6 ridiculously yummy cookies are at stake?

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